Blister Prevention Tips

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Nothing can ruin a hike quite like a good (or bad depending on your point of view) blister.

So here are some tips to help prevent them before you have a big throbbing ball on you foot (provided you have well fitted footwear).

1. Massage: Give your dogs a good rub down the day before a hike to increase circulation and help prevent hot spots which lead to blisters

2. MoisturizeMay sound a little strange, but keeping your feet moisturized means they will be smooth and rub less.  

3. Use Lubricant: There are products designed to prevent rubbing, they come in a small deodorant like stick and your just rub it on and your foot will have less friction

4. Tape Up: If you know of any problems areas before hand, tape them up or put a blister pad on them to prevent rubbing

5. Liner Socks: If you have problems with sweaty feet, the use of a liner sock can greatly increase moisture management and help prevent chaffing.

6. Stop & Fix: If you feel any rubbing or hot spots on you feet immediately stop and tape up the area to prevent a blister because, trust me, there is one forming!

7. Change Socks: Only really applicable to multi day treks, but making sure you put on fresh dry socks each days will do wonders to prevent moisture build up and eventual blisters (Also keeps your socks from going crusty which can also cause blisters)

Follow these tips and blisters and everything bad that goes with them should be a thing of the past!





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