Granite Gear Sh Access Nimbus 3800 FZ GF- 62L (SKU: G70084)

Granite Gear

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Nimbus Access FZ by Granite Gear, the name says it all: Nimbus means it has a 3D Tepex Nimbus style framesheet: the best-fitting, size-adjustable, most comfortable and durable frame on the market. Access means it has both a top-loading and a front panel loading system that combine to make packing and unpacking a breeze. FZ means it is leaner and meaner than most light packs (not ultralight). The main differences between the Nimbus Light Packs and the Nimbus Ultralight Packs are the beefier fabrics, the addition of a hip belt with an exoskeleton of HDPE plastic that supports more weight without sagging, and an external lid.

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