Fischer my Style 75 DH Ski Boots - Women 23.5 - Pre-Owned (E93JDQ)


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Women's downhill ski boots. Still in great condition, just the normal wear and tear from where they clip into bindings. 

New approx $320

Size 23.5 Colour Silver and White

The Fischer My Style 75 Ski Boots are all about variety! Featuring FFS Comfort Fit, Rapid Slide System, Women Fit Liner with Fur Lining, Single Canting, Lady Spoiler, Heat System Ready and Soma-Tec, this versatile sport/comfort boot has everything the woman of today needs.

Product Details


Elastic neoprene ensures optimum fit in toe section and also provides excellent thermal insulation

A specially strengthened shell in the area of the power triangle of the boot enables efficient power transfer from the shaft to the forefoot. This makes turn initiation and the control phase considerably easier. Kinetic energy is transferred exactly to where it is required.

Additional Features

The cuff and boot liner are prepared for heating systems to be added later. All you have to do is thread in the heating sole cable and attach the battery pack to the cuff. Suitable for all standard systems. Heating systems sold separately.

Cuff Shape

Women’s specific fit: Concave, arched back boot liner construction for added space in the calf area and a comfortable fit

The cuff adapts to the stance of the legs. Particularly important if the skier has a distinctive knock-kneed or bow-legged stance

Ergonomically shaped, extra low spoiler. Designed especially for women's lower calves. The Spoiler is also designed to integrate a battery pack.

Flex and Fit

SOMA-TEC harnesses all power exactly in the skiing direction. - Perfect power transfer - Maximum acceleration - Less effort required

Soma-Tec boots are different to conventional ski boots because of a unique stand position of the feet on the skis. The natural, offset V-position of the feet is retained and the body's centre of gravity lies directly above the middle of the ski. This means you have perfect power transfer, optimum grip and absolute precision.

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