Garmont Endorphin 3 Ski/Walk Touring Boot - Size 297mm - Pre-owned (Q92B4L)


  • $168.00

Size 297mm

With carbon-fiber reinforcements, interchangeable soles, magnesium buckles, and a G-Fit 3 lace-up liner, the Garmont Endorphin Alpine Touring Boot offer unparalleled performance and strength. Powerful enough to drive the biggest planks in the gnarliest conditions, and still light and comfortable enough for day tours, the Endorphin nails high performance versatility like no other ski boot. The thermo-moldable G-fit 3 liner provides support and customized comfort. The liners lace-up system locks your heel down for an optimal, secure fit within the shell. The multi-injected cuff and carbon fiber-reinforced shell maintain structure and stiffness no matter how hard you charge. This provides quick and precise power transmission throughout the boot. Magnesium buckles keep the Endorphin Boot lightweight while the two lower buckles Icebreaker pins destroy ice that accumulates during long tours.


Worth Approx $300 New 

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